Perthes' Disease is one of the great enigmas of children's orthopaedic surgery. There is widespread debate about the best type of treatment. In part this debate is because there is  not agreement on how to measure "success" - i.e. is it mainly based on better pain, function, x-rays or the the future need for a hip replacement?


The TOP study seeks to identify a Core Outcome Set for Perthes' Disease in children. This means that we will develop a set of outcomes, following the COMET process, that should be measured in all studies of Perthes' Disease. The core outcome set is been developed in partnership with patients, parents, doctors and physiotherapists. 

Explainer video for surgeons - what is it all about! 

The Team

Mr Donato Leo

PhD Candidate and Sports Scientist


Mr Daniel Perry
Senior Lecturer in Orthopaedic Surgery
Prof Helen Jones

Professor of Sports Science

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